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Even scandal THEPRINTFUL "encirclement", Ngoc Trinh remains confident shine in Korea

Ngoc Trinh, Lingzhi, orchestra Khac Tiep same model is available in Korea to attend the awards of the association's model Kim Chi origin.

Yesterday (22/4), at the Seoul Olympic Stadium,  Ngoc Trinh , Lingzhi, Trang lodge, Han and the beauty of America Vietnam appeared radiant on the red carpet Model Festival Awards 2015. Although recently , Ngoc Trinh, Ganoderma continuous scandals entangled to the social network, but remains confident the two beauties at the event radiant afternoon. The beauties Vietnam was a guest on the VIP seats to watch the contest looking young Asian model in 2015. 

The beautiful people sitting in the VIP seats at the Korean event

Vietnam Seamless model of the event Sunday afternoon (22/4)

Couple Khac Tiep - Ngoc Trinh remain after road picture romantic kiss

Ngoc Trinh showing sexy bare back on the red carpet

Ngoc Trinh confident appearance during the event boasted

Ngoc Trinh - term president of the Korean model - the founder of the award

Complaints page and Vo Canh

Ganoderma still pretty dashing after scandal not reveal the aesthetic image

Singer Jay Quan - Ganoderma